February 25, 2020

2020-02-26 | 19:55:14

"Been taking my pugs for 3 years now. They do a wonderful job and they are affordable."
February 4, 2020

2020-02-26 | 19:55:35

"Very accommodating and kind."
March 8, 2016

"New owners/Under new management this is now the groomers from what was critter country. New store name....Tailwaggers of The A.V.! I've been taking my 3 cavalier king Charles Spaniels to these groomers for almost 6 years and they have always done a great job in a timely manner!!! and no problems!!!"
November 12, 2015

"I have been there 2 times with my shih tzu & they were great!!!! I never had any time issues like other people that I read? She did a awesome job & even helped me to tell me my dog had a bad ear infection. Bottom line I gave them a try despite some bad reviews & there great."